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About Us

How it Works:
The core mission of Arett University is to promote learning within the lawn and garden industry. The University offers Independent Garden Centers the knowledge and skills to succeed as professionals and fully understand the unique offerings of today's Manufacturers.

Share ideas and experiences with your peers in the social networking areas or focus on all of the intrinsic components of operating an independent garden center including pricing theory, visual merchandising, online sales, store planning and more!

Build your curriculum by enrolling in vendor courses and create a customized program based on your store needs. Track your progress in the "My Schedule" area and work your way through Arett University until becoming a Master Gardener.

Below is a listing of all of the available courses
Advertising and marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a successful garden center. Learn all there is to know about website development, eCommerce solutions, email marketing, print advertising and more! Arett Direct: Arett Sales' online ordering system, Arett Direct, allows you to place orders online, navigate our catalog, research past spending data, update contact information and more! View the online demo to learn all the benefits of Arett Direct.

Blogs & Forums
Learn from your peers and share your ideas, experiences and questions within each vendor page by starting your own thread or responding to others.

Great Values
On a tight budget? These cost savings products will get the job done without breaking the bank. When compared to the competition these products offer great value on either price, size, effectiveness and more..


Comparison Charts
Truly understand all of the details of your products and how they compare to one another. Information includes: retail price, material, durability, size and more!

Cross Merchandising
By properly cross merchandising your products, you should experience increased sales instantly. Find out which products sell well together.

Corporate Videos
Gain a better understanding of what makes the vendor and their products unique with these corporate videos.
  Easy Builds
Tired of dealing with hassle of pages of set up instructions? Promote these easy build items to your consumers looking to quickly complete any project.
  Good, Better, Best
Fully understand your options. Check out these Good, Better, Best products and ensure you make the right decisions for your needs.

A strategic pricing strategy is integral in creating the right perception of your store. Maintaining high margins while staying competitive can be daunting task, however it doesn’t need to be. Let Arett U teach you how to be priced right while continuing to make money.

How to Merchandise
Simply placing a box on a shelve is not the right way to make a sale. Allow your products to sell themselves with proper merchandising techniques.


"How To" Videos
A visual representation of how to best utilize a product. Information includes product assembly, product uniqueness, how to utilize and more!

Organics & Green
To bring in “Green” products is one thing, to understand what makes them Green is another. Join the green movement with these natural, organic and environmentally friendly products and be able to fully explain to your customers how these products make a positive effect on the environment.


Project Buys
Often customers come into the store with a project in mind. For these customers, you must be prepared to answer all of their questions and point them in the right direction. Take advantage of Arett U project buys and fully stock all of the necessary items to fulfill any project.

Solutions Guides
Issues constantly arise within the lawn and garden. Be prepared to explain why these issues came about and the best way to resolve them.


Space Savers
Trouble finding products to fit your tight quarters? Promote these space saving items to your consumers looking to fill small areas with much needed items.

Step-By-Step Instructions
Knowledge is power… and money! Gain a full understanding of your products and enable yourself to answer any customer questions.


Store Planning:
Properly setting up your store is art. The store layout must allow for an easy flow all while making sure your customers hit the areas that make you the most money. Learn more about store planning with Arett U.

Success Stories
Proof is in the pudding! Read these real life success stories and share them with your customers to help close the sale.


Top Sellers
Focus on these top selling items to create excitement and value in your store. Now that you have the customer hooked, sell them on some other items.

Visual Merchandising:
in-store displays and other store visuals are needed to entice customer to check out the store's products. Visual merchandising exploits the impulsive buying attitudes of many consumers in order to gain good store profits.